Clare Acupuncture Clinic - Enric Muniente

About Enric Muniente

Enric was born and raised in Barcelona. He studied acupuncture and naturopathy in Barcelona where he obtained his diploma 26 years ago. He was also trained in Vietnam with Dr. Nguyễn Tài Thu, among others. More recently he earned a diploma in Naturopathy here in Ireland.

He also holds a certificate in the use of acupuncture for substance abuse at Lincoln Hospital in New York and has continued to refine his acupuncture practice through multiple continuing professional education courses in London, Dublin and Spain, including craneo-acupuncture and acupuncture for emotional trauma.

Enric’s Background

Enric is AFPA Certified Acupuncturist and also NMBI Registered Nurse.

He is currently a registered nurse both in Spain and in Ireland, giving him vast experience in the health field.

In addition to the above, he also obtained a diploma as a Shamanic Practitioner at the Atlantis Centre in Castlebar, County Mayo.

Clare Acupuncture Clinic - Enric Muniente
Clare Acupuncture is based in the beautiful setting of Glendree, County Clare
Clare Acupuncture's Enric is also a Shamanic Practitioner


Enric had the immense opportunity of studying acupuncture directly with Dr. Nguyen Van Nghi and his disciples in Barcelona, where he was taught an old form of acupuncture method used by the old Chinese Masters.

This method of acupuncture fluctuates and changes according to the seasons and uses the points that are open at a specific moment, according to the old sages. This is called Chrono acupuncture.

Among the many acupuncture techniques he practices, Enric has developed a technique that he calls Shamanic Acupuncture. This technique consists in combining acupuncture treatment with different kinds of drumbeats. Knowing the organ or meridian that is imbalanced, and drumming accordingly, can return the balance.

If what mentioned above may sound a bit arcane, please remember Enric is also a registered nurse with his feet on the ground knowing which technique is best addressed to the person he is treating.


Tuning forks used in combination with acupuncture needles at Enric's Clare Acupuncture Clinic

Tuning Forks

A tuning fork is a device made from metal that produces certain frequencies. These frequencies are used to detect and correct imbalances in the magnetic field that surrounds the body.

The use of tuning forks aims to treat the body and mind and restore inner balance and health. It works with the nervous system, the musculo-skeletal system and more subtle energies that surround the body. Tuning forks can be used in combination with acupuncture needles but can also be used to treat people that do not tolerate needles.

Chromotherapy available at Clare Acupuncture

Colour Therapy

Chromotherapy is a method of treatment that was known to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese. It uses a specific colour spectrum to address certain health issues.

Every colour has its own wavelength, frequency, and quality of energy. The body responds to different stimuli and one of them is colour.


Enric Muniente is registered with Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association (AFPA). The Clare Acupuncture clinic is fully insured as well.

Most Irish health care plans cover acupuncture treatments, including Aviva, Laya, Irish Life Health, VHI, Glo Health and HSF Health Plan.