Here are a few kind words from a few of our clients who have visited Enric’s Clare Acupuncture clinic …

I am an older woman suffering from chronic shoulder pain and I sought the assistance of Enric Muniente.

I was a bit hesitant as I had suffered from chronic fatigue many years previously and while I have made a good recovery, my body remains very sensitive to medications and treatments and can over react quite easily.

Enric listened and took seriously my concerns and was willing to take the time to discuss them with me. I trusted he would go at my pace and I felt safe at all times during my session. I found him to be a very skilled practitioner and could recommend him to others.


I first started attending with Enric in July 2022. I attended with him, almost on a weekly basis, for a year and a bit. the first time I met Enric he was very thorough, he went through everything, from what I was eating to any pains aches or medical conditions I suffer from. He listened carefully and answered any questions I had. I found it so refreshing to sit down with a medical professional and go through all pains or aches, big or small and feel listened to.

I was predominantly attending with Enric to assist with PCOS related symptoms. After a few sessions I knew I was in the right place. The PCOS symptoms began to regulate and I felt an overall change in mood and energy. There have been days when I have attended with Enric and I been tired and had really low energy. Enric can improve this almost instantaneously. I have not only felt benefits for his work but there have been days when you can physically see a change in my face.

My PCOS symptoms have improved, my skin has improved, my energy and my sleep have improved. Enric is patient focused and is interested in all areas of well-being. He has been fantastic to work with and his acupuncture is healing and has benefitted me both physically and emotionally. Acupuncture with Enric has been one of the best things I have done for myself.

Thank you Enric!


I received treatments for rheumatoid arthritis and severe muscle pain in recent years from Enric. I always felt great relief and improvement after every session of acupuncture. I experienced increased mobility and flexibility and emotionally I always left feeling much lighter and at ease.

Enric is wise and intuitive, passionate and dedicated to his field of expertise. He leaves no stone unturned in finding the exact right treatment to give the best relief and healing. I highly recommend him.

Vivienne Dempsey

Enric is open and warmhearted and the clinic has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. But above all Enric is highly skilled and his pulse diagnosis is mind blowing! He also uses tuning forks which create an amazing sense of feeling comfortable in your own skin, calming and relaxing.

With acupuncture he helped me with lots of issues. To name just a few, the bladder strengthening needle was a real game changer for me and my tinnitus is reduced by 95%.